Chakwal is a former tehsil of Jehlum district Located in Dhanni Region, Pakistan. It is also known as the land of honor or the land of army people due to a lot of people servicing in the army and all defense forces. The city’s landscape features the canyons in Thirchak-Mahal. There are man-made and natural lakes around the city in neighboring communities.

Chakwal is also famous for its delicious Sughats. Pehalwan Rewari is one of them. Rewari is a crunchy sweet, usually eaten in cold weather, made of gur or jaggery mixed with sugar. Desi ghee is added into the mix and is cooked on low heat for a few hours. Seasame se\eds are sprinkled over it after baking and letting it cool. People from different cities come to have those for their loved ones. Now you can get Famous Sughats of Pakistan specially Chakwal and have them with only one click.

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