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Double Akhroti Sohan Halwa 1kg

Sohan Halwa is Sughat of many of the decays specially formed famous one in Multani sughat.
Here we introduce the double Akhroti Halwa by Hafiz Ahmad. This Halwa contains a wonderful taste ingredient like walnut. Walnut is the most beneficial product for health such as the:
1) The walnut supports the weight control feature.
2) walnut act in such a way to lower blood pressure.
3) walnut also performs a good brain activity.
4) walnut improves blood fats regulation.
All these abilities make the walnut demand overload. Hence, in such a way we introduce a double walnut Sohan Halwa by Hafiz Ahmad. Halwa’s taste due to their healthy ingredients like milk, desi ghee, cornflour and many more.
Only such kind of product is available by ‘Sughat Store’ with high-quality ingredients and awesome taste that the people are demanding again and again.


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